2017 NFL Mock Draft Browns trade with Pats and pick Garrett Fournette Mahomes

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Theres no way the top 10 of this draft wont be filled with quarterbacks, right? Not so fast, my friend. There is a scenario where it happens, but a lot has to swing in certain ways during both free agency and as the draft unfolds. For instance, the 49ers have to feel comfortable rolling with . The Bears have to sign . The Bills already brought back . We just wiped out everyone but the Browns and the Jets, and if the Browns think they can either A) Trade back up, or B) Wait until the second round to take a quarterback, theyll take that gamble and go with a better player at No. 12 overall (dont rule out a trade with the either). The Jets could also do something weird during free agency -- hello, ! -- which would suddenly create a ma sive crater for quarterback value. Do we ultimately see this happening? Probably not. Quarterbacks get pumped up in the draft; its what happens. But theres a chance we see quarterbacks fall like crazy in this draft if all the free-agency chips fall the right way. Lets explore that below, with the bonus of a late-round trade for a quarterback. 1. Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M: Garrett showed too much at the combine to let Cleveland pa s on him with the top pick. There are reasons to go in a different direction, but pa sing on the best prospect is how you get fired. No one in Cleveland wants to get fired. 2. , S, : Lets welcome a new player to the No. 2 spot. But watching Hooker unable to participate in the combine Jesus Sucre Jersey got me thinking -- if there was a guy with crazy ball skills and an ability to be a difference-maker in the secondary and you could pick a team able to redshirt him, well, the 49ers would be that team. 3. , DE, : Even with the shoulder concerns, hes still an animal in the trenches and a game-changer to improve a Bears defense that is closer to being good than people think. Now about that offense ... 4. , CB, Ohio State: The Jaguars are ready to make a mark in free agency on defense, but Lattimore fills the hole left by Prince Amukamaras departure. How good could this Jags defense be in 2017? 5. (from Los Angeles) , DE, : Theres not enough chatter about this guy, but hes going to be a player at the next level and he has a crazy amount of disruption. You can use a Sharpie for Thomas as a top-10 pick as far as Im concerned. Top five is in play. 6. Deshaun Watson, QB, : Its hard to imagine them going into the season with the quarterback depth chart they have right now, because the top guy on the list is . They need a guy who can be the future and win now Joey Rickard Jersey . Watson fits the bill. 7. Jamal Adams, S, : The Chargers re-upped with but still need to find one more safety to fortify the back end. Adams can play either safety spot well and makes for a nice value here, as he could go as high as second. 8. , DE, : The biggest thing Carolina should worry about at No. 8 is getting a blue-chip pa s rusher. With Solomon Thomas and Myles Garrett off the board, Barnett is the next best answer. 9. , LB, Alabama: Mi sing the entire combine because he decided to go off on a candy striper is not a good look, but for now well give Fosters talent the benefit of the doubt when it comes to landing with a team like Cincy. 10. , TE, Alabama: A monstrous combine for Howard puts him squarely in top-10 range, especially for a team like Buffalo that retained Tyrod Taylor on a reworked contract and now needs to give him pa sing weapons. 11. , DE, : Not a mind-blowing performance at the combine from Charlton, but enough that the Saints can warrant nabbing him to help their pa s-rush i sues. 12. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia) , RB, LSU: Going running back early in the first round feels like a luxury for a team like the Browns, but with Fournette on the board this late, its not that hard to pull the trigger. They have two top-five talents in Garrett and Fournette on the roster from this draft. 13. , LB, : Arizona would love to grab a quarterback for the long haul, but the temptation to take a guy like Reddick, who wowed at the combine and can do a lot of things at a lot of positions in a versatile defense, is too much of a draw at this spot. Might be the last mock where Reddick goes this low. 14. (from Minnesota) , WR, : This feels like it might be too low for Ro s after he ran the fastest recorded 40 in combine history. But if the Eagles mi s out on the sweepstakes and Ro s is here, it would make total sense. 15. , DT, : He can move for a big dude, and although there were some rumors about bad interviews at the combine, the Colts need to get bigger and stronger on the front lines both Cedric Mullins Jersey defensively and offensively. 16. Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama: Nobody loves Alabama guys like Ozzie Newsome and theres a chance to take a stud corner from the Crimson Tide here so the Ravens can bolster their secondary. 17. , WR, Clemson: Who the hell knows what this franchise is going to do at this point. But if the reports are true and Scot McCloughan is headed out the door, and if Bruce Allen didnt like , you can see them throwing it in his face and taking another wide receiver. 18. Tenne see Titans , WR, : There are a lot of ways the Titans could go here, but grabbing a talented wideout to pair with should be a no-brainer move if someone like Davis is sitting here and the medicals all check out. 19. , S, Michigan: What exactly is Peppers position? Who cares. Hes a freakish athlete and a guy that a smart defense can utilize in fun ways. He doesnt feel like a traditional Mike Smith kind of Heston Kjerstad Jersey guy, per se, but hes going to make plays and the Bucs need safety help. 20. Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin: The Broncos badly need help on the offensive line, pending free agency, and that doubles down if they sign , as many expect to happen. 21. , G, Western Kentucky: Lets wait and see what happens, but with and hitting free agency, Lamp joins free-agent signee to inject new talent into the offensive line. 22. , CB, Washington: Long, lanky corner adds to a secondary that could utilize some help, even if its not the biggest area of need for the Dolphins. 23. Mitchell Trubiksy, QB, North Carolina: This probably isnt going to happen, but the lights would be bright on the North Carolina product in the draft room if it did, and the Giants would get a steal, not to mention set themselves up for the long haul by getting an replacement. 24. , RB, : Even if the Raiders come out of free agency with in tow, it wouldnt prevent them from landing Cook. This is an offense built for the long haul, and the more bodies behind the line, the better. 25. , OLB, : Theres no shortage of weapons on this defense already, but Rick Smith has shown he isnt afraid to keep investing in that side of the ball. 26. , RB, Stanford: Really cant help but think theres someone out there smart who is going to grab the Stanford stud and deploy him in a fun way. This is like the Seahawks getting without the baggage and the trade. 27. Adoree Jackson, CB, Southern California: The chatter at the combine was about Jackson sticking around for a year to be a top-five pick. Well, he can still be a first-round pick this year. 28. , DE, : The Cowboys desperately need a pa s rusher, so it makes total sense to marry need with value here and grab Harris. 29. TreDavious White, CB, LSU: You dont have to be Ted Thompson to know the Packers need to improve their secondary. White helps them do that right away. 30. , LB, Alabama: The off-field concerns are certainly there, but theres a Tim Beckham Jersey ton of talent plus the ability to pre sure the pa ser makes Williams an intriguing pick here who can do different things in this defense. 31. , S, : This feels like a dream pick for the Falcons, given how strong the ma sive defensive back (6-feet-4!) looked at the combine. Athleticism goes a long way in the NFL these days. 32. Cleveland Browns (via mock trade with New England)Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech: Can you imagine how Browns fans feel about this draft day haul? T first-round picks, including Garrett, Fournette and Mahomes. Thats a haul. And they just needed to to give up a fourth-round pick to flip a couple spots with the Patriots at No. 32 to ensure a fifth-round option on their new quarterback.
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